Thursday, June 13, 2013

Polyester Shaggy Rugs Manufacturer

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Surf our choice of wonderful Shaggy and Wool Rugs with perfect Rugs Manufacturer.

This is polyester shaggy rug, available in various shades & styles. Dimension available sizes- 40X60cm, 50X80cm, 60X90cm, 90X150cm and 120X180 cm. due to the distinction of observe shades, some rug shades may differ a little bit.
Shaggy Rugs Manufacturer

Item Name       :     polyester shaggy rugs  
Product Code :     shaggy
Size                  :    60X90cm.
Prices               :    US$ 7.50     US$ 7.05

Kuldeepinternational tries to signify all rug shades completely carpets gives them a exclusive attraction and make them perfect for the conventional as well as contemporary decorations. Perfectly developed by our manufacturers, thus conference the various needs of our customers.

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Monday, April 29, 2013

9x12 Jute Rugs with Discount Prices

Now, we give affordable discount offer in Handmade 9x12 Jute Rugs with Native Indian designers. our experienced designers can make your carpets or rugs eye-catching and can meet your need, we are not only targeted on production we targeted on Supply our carpeting to all over location. Our best prices for our customer which trust on our knowledgeable designers.

9x12 Jute Rugs:-

Since, India is second largest country where production of Jute is 1,237,270 (in Tonnes), our company manufacturer and exporters of Jute Rugs and gives Top Quality Carpets, Rugs compare to another manufacturer. our aim is only fulfill our customer need, we don’t want to offer lake of quality in Carpets or Rugs,  we want to offer stronger Jute Rugs.

9x12 Jute Rugs

We design Jute Rugs or Carpets according to your order with specific size and shape, if you have any option to given below record you can easy to purchase with choose your option.
9x12 rugs

Your Room Size is:-

1. 4’x6 ‘ to 5’x7’
2. 6’x9’ to 7’x10’
3. 9’x11’ to 10’x12’
4. 10’x13’ to 11’x14’
5. 11’x16’ to 12’x17’.

Rugs Size is:- 

1. 3’x5’
2. 5’x8’
3. 8’x10’
4. 9’x12’
5. 10’x15’  

Kuldeep International is well known manufacture company of Hand Knotted Rugs, Silk Handmade Carpets, Carpeting and made of Wool Rugs etc. Jute has a long history of use in the design and produce for carpeting, it is made with smooth material framework is known to be very relaxed to the person seated at.
You can talk about with our knowledgeable designer regarding to Guidelines to fresh a jute rug as you can easy to good care with Dry-cleaning powdered and Smooth Brush.
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Superb Handmade Carpet manufacturers

Hand Knotted Carpet Manufacturer often concentrate consumers' rug over time at one or more of their homes. There is declaration that people has been fabricating made of wool, smooth soft silk, genuine pure cotton, and other components into ground offering. old rug in our choice can never be duplicated, such as Hand Twisted place carpet, silk Rug, Asian Carpets, Wool Carpets etc.

Those Handmade Soft smooth silk Flooring are certainly not less than handmade rug. Some of the designs on this choice are conventional despite the point that there are a number of in up to now and plant designs too. Along with synchronization is amazing with the appropriate mix of fairly neutral and awesome colors.
The well-known way of life Rug Manufacturer, Kuldeep International worldwide has developed this selection of the rugs and carpets.
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